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Do we fit together? Synergy is the key today for a successful “business marriage”.

What do we have in common? A synergy that combines our personal strengths and unites them to form a successful union. Everyone knows the sayings “one good turn deserves another” or “returning a favour”. There are many synonyms for successful cooperation. But there is also the saying “you can’t make something out of nothing” and that’s why we of course expect a lot from you in order to be professionally successful – in the same way that you can expect a lot from our franchise system. You ideally already have knowledge of the industry and experience in the technical automotive sector. You may be a coachbuilder, dent technician, panel-beater, mechatronic technician etc. and already have fundamental technical know-how. As long as these foundations exist, we will take care of the special training. Basic commercial knowledge is also required for your new venture into self-employment. We naturally assume that you are manually skilled and highly motivated.

You want to expand and increase your current business and get the optimum benefit from it as a second mainstay. You don’t want to be employed any longer but want to be your own boss. And just like in a good marriage, we set great store by a long-term partnership based on trust.

Do you think we suit each other? Then just give us a call.