Your path to self-employment as a dent technician – become your own boss

Our expertise is in the removal of hail damage or other dents. A high level of technical know-how and special professional tools are required in order to restore damaged vehicles to their original condition. Additional paintwork is not required as a result of this professional technology.

This process has decisive advantages for the owner: It isn’t just easier on your wallet but also on your nerves. And the practical advantage is that your vehicle also retains its worth at the same time.

The company ln Form Franchise GmbH is a subsidiary of the company ln Form GmbH and offers you a simple business model to pave your way to self-employment: professional dent removal without paintwork.

And the best fact of all is that professionals are not charged starter fees!

But is our franchise system really successful? The statistics speak for themselves: As early as 2009 we were able to convince 14 franchise partners across Germany of our system and celebrate success together. This success story continued in 2010.

Why all the fuss?

We are extremely proud of the success of our headquarters in Mannheim. We would like to share this success with you. That’s why we want to share this special, sought-after know-how with you and jointly extend our extensive geographic coverage across all of Germany.

Our service range is not only aimed at the automobile industry and partners but also at private individuals. We aim to match the differing challenges posed to us by customers.

This is where you come into it: We make sure that you are “well-known”. Your territory is Europe! We can take care of larger jobs together successfully with you as our partner in the shortest possible time.

Certified Quality

ln Form GmbH is also an audited and listed supplier of VW AG and AUDI AG and is certified according to the latest quality standard ISO 9001:2008.